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If you have an idea for an invention or have a product you want on television, you’ll want to meet Steve Greenberg, the author of GADGET NATION (

Steve has always been drawn to ingenuity and invention. It was that fascination that caused Steve to write a book about garage inventors for Sterling Publishing. The book showcases more than 100 off-beat gadgets and the inventors behind them. GADGET NATION: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE ECCENTRIC WORLD OF INVENTION is in its second printing and has recently been launched as a paperback and as an eBook. Steve served 3 years on the Board of Directors for the United Inventors Association.

Steve is the host of the Food Network’s INVENTION HUNTERS. He routinely appears on The Dr Oz Show and NBC’s Today Show. Each month, Steve can be seen demonstrating innovative products in America’s top TV markets including CW11 NYC, WGN Chicago, ABC Dallas, NBC Seattle, CBS Houston and others.

For three years Steve could be seen nationally every weeknight demonstrating innovative products on the Discovery Channel’s Your New House. For six years Steve was on HGTV’s very popular Dream Builders. For Dream Builders, Steve has traveled the country showcasing the latest in home design, construction and trends. For 5-years, HGTV also used Steve’s reporting skills for coverage of the hottest new home improvement products at NAHB’s International Builders Show. Steve has also been a judge for Hammacher-Schlemmer’s Search for Invention Contest and Popular Science’s National School Inventors Challenge.

Steve writes for several magazines, newspapers and websites. His “Innovation Insider” features appear in the Miami Herald, Air Currents magazine, ROOMS magazine, and others.

Before he made his beat innovation, Steve was a full-time television news reporter. While working at the CBS owned station in Miami, Steve traveled to Cuba five-times, has covered Hurricane Andrew, followed Hurricane Emily to the Carolinas, and has reported stories in Mexico, Honduras, Bahamas and around the U.S. Steve’s reports have been seen on CBS: This Morning and routinely on CBS’s national news feed service. Steve has been honored with 12 Emmy Awards. He has received the highest broadcast national award from the American Heart Association and he has received special recognition from the Florida Medical Association for his coverage of the HIV Haitians detained at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Steve also took first place in the Sunshine State Awards for feature reporting. His educational kids’ programs Doc Steve’s Amazing Science Seekers, Baby Animals, Mammals & More, and Gators, Crocs & Other Yucky Swamp Creatures—have all received numerous honors and endorsements from teacher/parent organizations.

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